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Hey, and What's Up, dude's.  Welcome to the main home page of what hopefully will be Thaurissan Server's most effective and capable guild in World of Warcraft. Or at least the most counter-griefing guild in the server. 

Our regimentation and single-minded goals aided by discipline is what defines us in our ability and our effectiveness.  Which means that as a guild, it's not the few that are active and are immersed in the guild in the guild's preset goals and objectives, but the many that make up and creates the composition or content of the guild.  We intend to have fun and show those that play the Horde that when you throw down on one of us, you're literally throwing down on a guild that will literally go after you the same way you went after one of us.  

YES, we are first and foremost a COUNTER-GRIEFING GUILD, and we WILL make life unbearable and a living hell for everyone else that has it coming.    
 Our sole objective, level up as fast as we can, and then butcher everyone else that falls within the two conditions:
    1. You're not in our faction.
    2. You started it (I mean you literally went out of your way to camp a corpse).  

To join our guild, of course it would mean you must have already joined the guild or attempting to do so, by way of perusing our webpage.  

An application must be filled out with the required and needed information in regards to the game.  Fill it out to the best of your ability.  (( Currently, we have no substantiated and fully mandated standard of an application, as of right now - simply join by signing up to this website.  An established standardized format of applying will be set up shortly)

THE DISCLAIMER:  Never at any time will we ever want any sort or type of information that is of a personal nature.  Offering up such information, be it your own, or someone else's, is grounds of being kicked out of the guild and blacklisted from ever joining back in.  Additional notifications to other allied or associated guilds to our own will also be notified of the circumstances of your removal.  

We're right now in the petitioning process could and acquiring capital to ignition our new guild.  The petitioner is named Skéìth, a Worgen rogue, currently in transience between Ashenvale and Stormwind City.  

Be sure to check back here every other day for updates as they come.

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